Techniques taught: Kuntaw Comjukai (Kuntawkali.com), wrestling, kick boxing,dumog, grappling, stick fighting, espada ys daga, dulo dulo, BALLISTIC TRAINING!


BALLISTIC TRAINING is reality based training. It is also a fusion of my last name “Ballesteros” and “Realistic” = Ballistic Training.
FMA FIGHTERS members wear minimal gear for sparring and mass attacks.
PLEASE NOTE! BALLISTIC TRAINING is not a system. It is a way of how I teach and view the fight!!

KUNTAW COMJUKAI (Kuntawkali.com)

In unarmed combat we utilize nerve disruptions, limb and bone destructions, coupled with low-line kicks, elbow and knee strikes from Kuntaw; synthesized with empty hand techniques from other Filipino martial arts and Chuan Fa. Joint locks, seizing and throwing techniques from COMJUKAI (Combat Judo Karate Aikido) also compliment our Kuntaw to form a unique modern pragmatic system of unarmed self defense which is constantly evolving to address situations that our students might encounter in a street confrontation.


Single stick techniques from various styles/systems of Kali, Arnis and Eskrima covering respectively; Long Range (Largo), Medium Range (Media), and Short Range (Corto). Training in solo baston techniques progress towards the use of the itak (sword). Students are first taught the proper form for striking, defending, evasion, and disarming and progress towards free sparring drills. Discarding preset patterns, slowly moving towards expert training at their own pace.


Double stick techniques are regarded as being the highest form of Kali Arnis requiring many years of training. Students begin with preset coordination drills, and progress towards defensive skills. Training with doble baston is necessary for moving to the next phase of training. Because of its complexity, many years must be spent studying doble baston in order to become proficient in its combative use.


Espada y Daga (Sword and Dagger) techniques are favored by many grandmasters in the Philippines. The practicality of it’s training can enhance the practitioner’s single and double stick skills; providing an essential link in any Eskrimador’s progression. The student will learn the basic form for Espada y Daga, and move towards partnered drills. Eventually he/she will begin free form practice learning to defend against single stick, double stick, and stick and dagger attacks without preset patterns.


Dulo-Dulo is a double pointed palm stick that can be used to strike nerve clusters, bone and vital areas. These same techniques can be applied with improvised weapons such as pens, cell phones and flashlights. This training is practiced in pairs and progresses towards free form practice, discarding preset patterns.


Everything you learn in our system can be applied with improvised weapons such as books, bottles, magazines and umbrellas. Our students get to experience various scenarios where they face off with multiple armed attackers utilizing whatever they have on hand to defend themselves. This phase of training is essential to FMA students of all levels who are interested in realistic self-defense.

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